Sacroiliac Joint Injection

What is a Sacroiliac Joint Injection?


A sacroiliac joint injection provides relief to the sacroiliac (SI) joints of body when they have become either damaged or inflamed. The SI joints are located where the spine tapers off into the sacrum, with one on each side of the fused vertebrae that comprise the sacrum.

This area is joined to the iliac bones and forms the pelvis of the body, with the SI joints being where the legs lock into the pelvis.

While there is not a lot of movement within this joint, it is a prime center for degradation because the full weight of the patient rests on these joints the entire time they are upright. A sacroiliac joint injection serves to provide relief to this area by injecting both an anesthetic and a steroidal component to help reduce inflammation.


 What will a Sacroiliac Joint Injection treat?


An SI joint injection is the primary means of providing relief to a patient who is suffering pain from damage or inflammation to one or both of the SI joints. Often, this pain is the result of degradation through normal use of the joint, which grinds away the soft layer of cartilage that is supposed to protect the joints. When this occurs, the bones begin to rub against one another, which can grind at the bone itself and cause spots of arthritic inflammation.

How is a Sacroiliac Joint Injection performed?


The injection is used only after other conservative methods have failed. For many patients, sacroiliac joint pain will occur in only one side of the body. Patients will be placed on their healthy side in order to provide access to the afflicted joint. The injection side will be sterilized and numbed with a local anesthetic.

Once numb, the needle will be carefully guided into the afflicted area of the joint using a technique called fluoroscopic imaging. This is a series of rapid X-rays which create a real-time image of the location of the needle within the patient.

Once the pain doctor in San Antonio has determined the needle is correctly placed within the joint, a mixture of anesthetic and steroidal components will be injected. The anesthetic serves to numb the area, restoring some function to the joint of the patient during movement. The steroidal component serves to help combat arthritic inflammation, which both provides a restoration of function and a means of pain relief.


How well do Sacroiliac Joint Injections work?


A sacroiliac joint infection can be very beneficial to a patient who is experiencing pain of the SI joint due to inflammation. This is usually the first step in a series of treatments that include medication (pain killers and anti-inflammatories) and physical therapy to help regain muscular strength of the joint.

What are the risks of a Sacroiliac Joint Injection?


There is the standard risk of infection, swelling, bleeding, or soreness at the point of injection. There is also a small chance of allergic reaction to the components used, with the patient often monitored following the injection to ensure there are no adverse reactions.

The largest risk associated with this injection is that it simply will not provide adequate relief for the patient. When this occurs, the joint may require surgical correction in order to obtain and maintain relief.

What is the bottom line with Sacroiliac Joint Injections?


This is a simple, effective, and safe treatment for those with pain in their SI joint. For patients who are able to obtain some degree of relief with this procedure, it can be repeated as often as needed.

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