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Physical Therapy at Texas Pain Network

Over 50% of adult Americans have been reported to have developed a musculoskeletal injury lasting longer than three months each year, that’s over 112 million Americans. Physical therapy (PT) specialists are the practitioners of choice for any musculoskeletal disorders or conditions resulting from injuries.

Physical therapy is often the first course of action with any musculoskeletal injury or trauma. An estimated 11 million adults took advantage of outpatient services and a majority of patients benefit with over 90% reporting a decrease in painful symptoms, muscle stiffness, and functionality.

Texas Pain Network offers physical therapy along with specialists for pain management, chiropractic, neurology and even podiatry!

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How long does physical therapy usually take?


The average visits amount to 7 to 20 sessions over a period of weeks.  Many San Antonio physicians send patients to physical therapists to manage a wide range of conditions instead of invasive and risky surgery.

A typical physical therapy session takes approximately an hour. This may consist of time spent performing active and passive exercises, modalities such as ultrasound or electrical stimulation and more.


What does physical therapy do?


The cornerstones of physical therapy are a hands-on approach and manipulation and massage, therapeutic exercise, and functional training. Physical therapists may explore other noninvasive techniques that may include:

Physical Therapy

Many conditions have benefited from physical therapy treatment and restorative abilities to improve function to the body’s joints and muscles. PT targets movements with a focus on strength building and endurance. Physical therapy is shown to be effective with many conditions such as:

How long does physical therapy take?

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This is the most common, and oft times most difficult, question physician receive by patients. Many factors go into the answer. The patient’s overall health, patient’s limitations, impairments, severity of symptoms -and most important- the patient’s response to the physical therapy rehabilitation treatment.

The goals of our clinic to assist each patient, helping them accomplish the most successful outcome and productivity available to them from physical rehabilitation. This is achieved by setting goals and using effective methods customized our nationally board-certified team on a patient to patient basis on the road to full recovery.

Texas Pain Network offers top notch physical therapy along with its additional services to improve the outcomes of its patients. With a facility that includes over 20,000 square feet, our clinic offers an impressive array of therapy options for patients who are pre or post-surgical, or dealing with back/neck pain, auto accident injuries, workers compensation claims and more.


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