Diabetic Neuropathy

FAQs of Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic Neuropathy San Antonio

Diabetic & Peripheral Neuropathy


Diabetic & Peripheral Neuropathy is a painful bodily condition arising from the damage to the peripheral nervous system. This system provides a massive communication network and transmits information from the brain to the spinal cord to other parts of the body.

Diabetes is a condition of high level of sugar in the blood and is one of the main causes of peripheral neuropathy in patients.

Signs and Symptoms of Diabetic & Peripheral Neuropathy


The nerve damage experienced by each patient varies but generally, the pain symptoms and sensations are a result of the nerves being unable to properly transmit signals to the brain resulting in:

What causes Diabetic & Peripheral Neuropathy?


The nerve fibers can be damaged by chronically high blood sugar (stemming from diabetes). The exact interaction of sugar and the nerves is unknown, but it is thought that a large number of potential factors are based on this interaction. High glucose levels circulating in the blood can also weaken the walls of smaller blood vessels, which affect the supply of nutrients and oxygen for crucial functioning. Sometimes, inflammation in the nerves is from an autoimmune response and may display the same symptoms.


Alternative treatments for Diabetic & Peripheral Neuropathy


The therapies work together to manage fundamental deficiencies, break the blood stagnation, give strength to the body, and make recovery from prolonged to severe pain easy.

The Use of Opium-based Drugs


Many doctors prescribe opium-based drugs to patients who have diabetic & peripheral neuropathy to relieve pain. Some of these drugs are:
• Morphine
• Oxycodone
• Tramadol
• Fentanyl

The Use of Traditional Chinese Medicine

In order to manage pain for diabetic and peripheral neuropathy, the patient’s doctors can prescribe the use of Chinese
medicine. In order to manage the pain effectively, doctors must be able to establish where the pain is on a patient’s body. Is it on the upper body, lower body, extremities or internal organs? Chinese medicine dictates the use of:


• Herbs
• Western pharmaceuticals
• Acupuncture and Tui-Na
• Moxibustion,
• Tai Qi therapies

Diabetic Neuropathy Treatment

The Use of Supplements or Alternative Medicine


Research shows that the use of supplements as alternative medicine plays a big role in managing pain for diabetic and peripheral neuropathy patients.

Doctors can prescribe supplemental essential acids to patients as pain relief medicine. Some of these acids include ALA – alpha-Lipoic acid GLA – gamma linolenic acid Omega-3 fatty acids.

Patients may be advised to consume a type of carnitine known as acetyl-L-carnitine. Good sources of the nutrient include red meat, peanut butter, and dairy products. This supplement can also be obtained from health food stores and pharmacies.

Doctors can also prescribe the use of vitamins and mineral supplements such B1, B12, E as well as herbal supplements.
Movement therapy can also be used as a way of managing pain in patients with diabetic and peripheral neuropathy.

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