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Without question, Chiropractors serve an extremely important function. As a specialized medical professional, Chiropractors are able to identify, treat and prevent a wide range of different disorders that deal with the skeletal and muscular systems, spinal joints nerves and vertebrae.This is all done without drugs or surgery.

In addition, chiropractor in San Antonio are extremely experienced with handling different injuries and conditions that are located throughout the entire spinal region. Because they are specialized in various spinal treatments, these medical experts are able to manipulate this area of the body to help you live a more comfortable, healthy lifestyle.

Interestingly, the word chiropractor is derived from the two different Greek words chiro and praktikos. The Greek word chiro means hand and praktikos means dealing with some type of action. When the two words are combined, it literally means action with the hands.

Dr. John Tarpoff, DC


John Tarpoff, DC, CSCS is the chiropractor in San Antonio at Texas Pain Network. He graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic and achieved additional certification as a Certified Strength and Condition Specialist (CSCS).

Dr. Tarpoff’s athletic background includes being a member of the United States National Rugby Team. He offers comprehensive treatments for patients including:

Dr. John Tarpoff, DC

Dr. John Tarpoff, DC

Adjustment Procedures


When you are being adjusted by a San Antonio chiropractor, the joints in your spine will actually be manipulated in order to be realigned to their natural position. Once the joints in your spine have been properly realigned, you will regain an increased, natural range of motion and live with a decreased level of pain.

By releasing pressure in the spinal region of your back, you will hear a “popping” noise that generally indicates fluid and gas being released to enter the different joint spaces. After chiropractic adjustments in San Antonio have been performed, there are typically three separate things that occur.


Chiropractic Adjustment Techniques

There are several different techniques that are used when a chiropractor performs adjustments to the spinal joints. The majority of these techniques are used to administer pressure to the specific area of the spine that needs to be realigned. Depending on the chiropractors approach, the techniques used to adjust the spinal joints may differ.

For example, some specialists prefer to use a gentle touch approach, while others prefer to utilize fast movements of sporadic pressure. It’s extremely important to speak to different chiropractors regarding their specific techniques before making a final decision on which specialist to use.

Achieving a San Antonio Chiropractic Adjustment


When a chiropractic adjustment is performed, the discs in the vertebrae will become realigned so that the proper amount of space is present between them. In addition, there are nerves located throughout the different disc joints. When these disc joints become pushed together from inflammation or a bulging disc, the nerves become compressed together.

If the nerves becomes pushed together, they are not capable of communicating properly with the nerve system, which results in muscle spasms, discomfort and pain. In order to correct this issue, a chiropractor will adjust the discs and vertebrae so that the different symptoms and negative health conditions are corrected.

Sometimes, if the spinal joint problems are extreme, multiple chiropractic adjustments will be required over a specific amount of time.

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