4 Biggest Advantages of Physical Therapy in Pain Management

30 Aug 4 Biggest Advantages of Physical Therapy in Pain Management

Physical therapists offer cost-effective pain treatment for restoring and pain relief. Physical therapy helps to avoid the need for potentially risky surgery and prescription drugs. In addition, physical therapy allows the patient can participate in their own treatment and recovery.

Improve Mobility
Physical therapy and exercises aim to improve mobility so that you can move around and carry out basic tasks freely. Mobility is vital for physical independence.

Avoid Surgery and Medication
Physical therapy has shown to be an effective pain relief treatment. It is non-invasive without any risk of dependence as opposed to potentially risky surgery and medication that could make you dependent.

Physical therapy has proven highly effective in meniscal tears, knee osteoarthritis, rotator cuff tears, spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease and many other conditions.

Several Options
The biggest advantage of physical therapy is a hands-on approach. Physical therapists use several treatment options depending on the underlying cause of pain, its severity and duration. Options include –

• Manipulation
• Massage
• Therapeutic exercise
• Functional training
• Electrotherapy
• High-frequency ultrasound
• Temperature therapies and code
• Fitness and wellness programs

Be an Active Participant in Your Recovery
You work together with the physical therapist for your treatment, for instance, in exercising. In many cases, patients carry on an ongoing relationship with the physical therapist to achieve wellness and improve mobility across the lifespan.

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