Say No To Surgery With These 3 Pain Treatment Options

07 Jan Say No To Surgery With These 3 Pain Treatment Options

Spine surgery can be risky. The spine is not a single bone. Made up of smaller bones called vertebrae, with intervertebral discs in between and associated nerves and muscles, the human spine is pretty complicated. A surgery to achieve pain relief should not be the first treatment choice for chronic pain. Advanced pain management clinics such as Texas Pain Network in San Antonio offer several non-invasive and minimally invasive treatment options for pain relief with high success rates.

San Antonio Pain Management

Opiate and Non-narcotic medication management

Pain management doctors San Antonio use different medication to provide you an individualized solution for your chronic pain. Opiates, Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs and other medication are used along with interventional procedures to relieve pain and help patients live normal lives.

Interventional Procedures

Modern technology has made available to us several treatment options that help us avoid potentially risky surgery. Minimally invasive interventions, performed as outpatient procedures, are by Double Board Certified Pain Management Specialists at Texas Pain Network, San Antonio. Treatments such as nerve blocks, joint injections, epidural blood patch, radiofrequency ablation and epidural steroid injections are only some of the cutting-edge pain relief treatments offered by pain doctors at San Antonio Pain Clinic.

Physical Therapy

The human body has the potential to heal itself. Physical therapy is an effective way to combat pain after an injury or trauma. Texas Pain Network, San Antonio’s experts use physical therapy to bring the body back to its natural state allowing it to heal on its own. Techniques such as massage, manipulation and exercise not only provide pain relief but also prevent recurrence by training the patient.

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