Rotator Cuff Exercises That Can Relieve Shoulder Pain

18 Nov Rotator Cuff Exercises That Can Relieve Shoulder Pain

Shoulder injuries mean serious trouble and are accompanied by extreme pain, functional limitations and slow healing time. Rotator cuff refers to the tendons and muscles connecting the arm to the shoulder blade. The tendons stabilize the shoulder joint while the muscles allow the shoulder to rotate. Tears, impingements, tendinitis, frozen shoulder are some of the most common injuries occurring in the rotator cuff muscles and tendons.

What to do when a Rotator Cuff Injury occurs?pain management san antonio

The basic first aid that you can provide for a rotator cuff injury is the application of the RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) method. This helps check initial swelling and pain. Next, it is important to seek the help of a specialist doctor like pain management doctors in san Antonio. Most pain management therapists and doctors will then prescribe you certain medications and ask you to perform a set of routine exercises that will help heal your rotator cuff injuries faster.

Rotator cuff exercises that can relieve shoulder pain
Here is a set of 5 exercises that will help overcome the symptoms of rotator cuff injuries:doorway stretch san antonia

1.Doorway Stretch
• Spread your arms out in an open doorway for warming-up your muscles.
• Grip either side of the doorway with each hand and lean forward till you feel a gentle stretch.
• Keep the back straight and shift weight onto your toes. Ensure you do not overstretch.

2.Side-Lying External Rotationpain doctors san antonio
• Lay your body on your uninjured side.
• Bend elbow. Make sure it is the injured arm kept perpendicularly. After that you need to rest the elbow. This will be on your side with the forearm resting against the abdomen.
• Slowly raise a light dumbbell with your elbow resting across your side.
• Hold the dumbbell for some time and return back to original position.
• Repeat the step 10 times thrice a day and increase the number of repeats to 20 or 30 when you find it easy to perform.
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3.High-to-Low Rows
• Attach a resistance band to a sturdy support at or above the shoulder level.
• Sit on one knee with the knee opposite your injured shoulder in a raised position. Align your body and lowered knee and rest your uninjured arm on the raised knee.
• Hold securely to the band with outstretched arms. Keeping your back straight, squeeze your shoulder blades together as you pull your elbows towards your body. Ensure your body does not move with your arm.
• Repeat the exercise 10 times thrice daily.

4.Reverse Flyback pain san antonio
• Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Slightly bend your knees and waist forward while keeping your back straight.
• Holding a light weight in both hands, extend and raise your arms away from your body ensuring your do not raise them above shoulder level. Squeeze shoulder blades during the process.
• Repeat the exercise 10 times thrice daily.

5.Lawn Mower Pull
• Stand with feet shoulder width apart and place an end of the resistance band under the foot opposite your injured arm. Hold the other end of the band in your injured arm so that the band stretches diagonally across your body.
pain doctors san antonio• Bend slightly at the waist with your other hand on your hip ensuring the injured hand is parallel to the opposite knees.
• Straighten up, pulling your elbows across your body towards the outer ribs just like the motion involved in starting a lawn mower. Squeeze your shoulder blades together.
• Repeat the exercise 10 times thrice daily.

Rotator cuff exercises can help increase your strength after a minor injury but for major injuries and suggestions, always consult a good doctor like pain management doctors in San Antonio.

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