Detail Study – Invasive Techniques for Interventional Pain Management

05 Nov Detail Study – Invasive Techniques for Interventional Pain Management

A clear and precise understanding between the difference between a symptom and a disease is of utmost importance for each and every person across the globe. A particular disease can have many symptoms which need to identify in order to catch the disease at its incubation stage. This helps in getting to the core of the actual infirmity and then completely healing the same so as to ensure that it never comes back.

 Pain is one of the most common symptoms experienced by people of all ages. People suffer from back pain which could be related to any issue in the spinal cord to any malfunction of the kidneys. Stomach ache is also one of the most common aches especially for children which more often than not can be attributed to indigestion. Middle age and senior people commonly face pains in their joints which are normally attributed to the wear and tear that occurs in the joints owing to ageing. Therefore, pains are of a varied type, and so are the available treatments for them.

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There are a lot of ailments and balms which are available in the pharmaceuticals which are specifically for external usage. These ailments, however, may provide temporary relief but are ineffective in case of any serious or chronic infirmity in the body of a person. In such cases, invasive techniques are recommended and needs to be availed. Invasive techniques of pain management aim to attack the source of the issue by injections or placement of certain sophisticated devices in the body of the victim which would control and cater to the issue. Thorough researches and live cases in the interventional pain management San Antonio and others have revealed that these invasive techniques have been employed to a promising success amongst people with neck and back pains.

A few of the commonly used invasive techniques which are used by experienced physician and other pain management doctors in San Antonio and other hospitals are mentioned below for reference:-


The most commonly used intervePain management doctors san antoniontional pain management technique used all across the globe is injections (also known as blocks). By means of injections, steroids and other anaesthetics are di
rectly pushed to the joints, muscles, ligaments or around the nerve endings. These treatments performs or meets the twin objective of providing a temporary relief to the victim from the pain that he is experiencing, and it also helps in understanding whether the part of the body which is injected is actually the source of pain or not.

Radiofrequency Radio Ablation

– In this technique of treatments, the painful nerves are identified and they are then deadened by the application of heat which is administered by a needle. This method has been practised by doctors and has shown a success rate of approximately 60 percentages. This ailment lasts for several months to years in successful patients.

There are other surgical methods as well of treating pain which involves insertion of simulators – be it nerve simulator, spinal cord simulator which are implanted in the body. These modes of treatments are extremely effective, though can be afforded by a few.


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