Is Facet Joint Syndrome Treatment Related To Back Pain Relief

24 Aug Is Facet Joint Syndrome Treatment Related To Back Pain Relief

The facet joints are the joints in the spine that enable you to bend twist and make your back flexible. They have cartilage which helps the vertebrae to function against each other smoothly.

Facet Joint Syndrome occurs when they become swollen and painful due to osteoarthritis.


The syndrome is caused by aging, pressure on the facet joints and injury. Pressure overload is caused by the degeneration of the intervertebral discs in the spine and leads to wear down and gradually collapse of the spine. This narrows the space between each vertebra and affects the line of the facet joints contributing to too much pressure and damage of the articular cartilage surface.


The facet joints have difficulty in twisting and bending. If the facet joint occurs in the cervical spine of the neck, patients may have to twist their entire body to look in a particular direction. If the facet joints affect the lumbar spine, they may have difficulty in straightening their back. Various aspects associated with facet joint syndrome such as pain, numbness and weak muscles have an effect on different parts of the body. They all depend on the factor of the site on which the nerves are being affected.

People with facet joint syndrome may suffer from back pain or neck pain and stiffness in the early first half hour in the morning. The pain might improve during the day but could get worse by the evening or late night. Due to chronic back pain, people might reduce the everyday activity, however, this is not encouraged as in time the muscles that support the back become weaker and more stress is built on the spinal joints.


exercises facet joint syndrome


Practice strengthening exercises to strengthen the back and the abs to support the spine and absorb shocks before it reaches the joints of the spine. Plus, the exercise will help reduce stiffness and lessen back pain. Be regular with low -impact aerobics such as walking, swimming and biking to increase circulation, motion and decrease stiffness. One of the many advantages of aerobics is maintaining the weight that helps reduce stress on the joints.

Patients with the syndrome can opt for exercises in water to increase circulation, reduce stress, and loosen up stiff muscles and joints.

Heat Therapy:

Place a heating pad for 20 – 30 minutes at a time on the site to ease the pain.

Cold therapy:

Apply an ice pack or a bag of frozen vegetables after exercise to lessen the severity of pain.

Conservative treatment:

The doctor may recommend psychical therapy and a well-rounded rehabilitation program for calming pain and reducing inflammation, improve the mobility and strength and to assist you in performing everyday movements and activities with ease and ability.

Facet Injection is delivered into your facet joint using cortisone for temporary relief for weeks or months.


Aging, wear and tear, friction between the bones leads to swelling, tenderness, stiffness in the spine. The syndrome gradually affects the back of the body tremendously.

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