Pain Management Using Hypnotherapy

25 Oct Pain Management Using Hypnotherapy

When chronic pain is involved, pain management often involves thinking outside the box. Looking for ways to control pain that are more than just pain medications and physical therapy is often the role of pain management clinics. One of the alternative therapies that has become very popular in pain management is the use of hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is recommended for both acute and chronic pain patients. There has been Pain Management Doctors San Antonio strong evidence that shows hypnotic intervention is beneficial in managing tension headaches, IBS, cancer pain and many other forms of physical pain.

An important role in pain management is to know what type and kind of pain the patient is dealing with. There are some pain types that hypnotherapy would not want to eliminate because they serve as a warning system for your body and may indicate that there is an underlying condition that is more serious.

There is no question that hypnotherapy is effective as a tool in reducing pain; however, one must remember that pain is also the body’s way of telling you something is wrong. It’s a warning system of sorts. If all serious underlying causes have been eliminated then a hypnotherapist can start hypnotherapy treatment.

Defining Acute and Chronic Pain

Acute pain starts suddenly and is generally a sharp distinct feeling. It’s your body’s warning signal of a threat to the body. Acute pain can range from mild to serious and it can last for just a minute or it can last for several weeks. Acute pain does not usually last more than Pain Management Doctors In San Antonio Texas six months. It will disappear when the underlying cause is treated. However, when acute pain is not treated it can lead to chronic pain. Hypnosis can effectively manage acute pain that is the result of invasive procedures such as labor, changing burn dressings, or surgical procedures.

Chronic pain can remain even when the injury has healed. Pain signals can remain active within the nervous system for months, even years. Millions of people deal with chronic pain, which can also cause tense muscles, decreased energy, and limited mobility. Emotional effects can include anxiety anger, depression, and fear of injuring oneself again. This fear can slow down one’s return to leisure activities or work. Hypnotherapy is very effective at relieving many types of chronic pain and in aiding in the management of that pain.

What many do not know is that hypnotherapy can help with depression. There have been a number of studies that have shown that a significant number of chronic pain patients deal with depression. When the depression is under control, it is easier to deal with the pain.

Examples of acute pain include broken bones, surgery, dental work, labor and childbirth, San Antonio Pain Managementburns or cuts, burns, and invasive procedures. Examples of chronic pain include low back pain, headache, arthritis pain, cancer pain, phantom pain, psychogenic pain, and neurogenic pain.

Hypnosis can be used as pain management for post-operative pain, where painkillers are not deemed appropriate.  It is also a useful form of pain management for phantom limb pain, which amputees can experience after the limb, has been removed. Hypnosis has actually shown impressive results with the treatment of phantom pain providing rapid relief that is long lasting.

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