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The BEST pain management clinics in San Antonio such as Premier Pain Consultants offer comprehensive treatments with Double Board Certified, Award Winning Pain Management Doctors.

San Antonio pain clinicOur providers are continuously incorporating treatments that are cutting edge and research backed. This way, patients are able to receive state-of-the-art options that are covered by insurance and produce the best possible outcomes!

Some of the treatments described below offer over a year of consistent pain relief and have been revolutionary. Radiofrequency ablation, for instance, helps over 80% of patients achieve up to 2 years of success. Spinal cord stimulator implants have been an amazing treatment for those who are suffering from chronic pain and have no surgical option available. The newest ones have over 200 programming options available.

With a procedure center on site, our pain clinic makes receiving comprehensive treatment convenient. We have an MRI, on-site pharmacy, physical therapy center and perform EMG’s on site  as well.

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San Antonio Pain Management  Services

Pain Management Procedures


San Antonio pain clinics offer a multitude of treatments for pain relief, including medication management, cutting edge procedures and chiropractic thPPconsultantsLogo-300x101erapies along with PT. Premier Pain Consultants offers pain management San Antonio trusts.

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