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Pain Management Doctors in San Antonio with Premier Pain Consultants offer treatments for many Conditions, offering success rates over 90%!

Our Board Certified pain doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and neurologists collaborate to help you individually. We will not shy away from helping you, whether your condition is simple, complicated or somewhere in between. Not only are Premier Pain’s providers highly skilled, but also compassionate and dedicated to your relief. The canstockphoto4161594philosophy we live by is offering treatment that we would want for our own families that are as minimally invasive as possible and low risk for maximal benefit!

Whether you suffer from something acute such as sciatica or injuries from a car accident, or a chronic condition like fibromyalgia or failed back surgery syndrome, Premier Pain has options to help. Some of the treatment options provide over a year of consistent relief at a time, which may allow you to reduce the amount of pain medications necessary along with returning to work, recreational activities and playing with the kids or grandkids.

We take pride in offering an exceptional amount of on-site services with 20,000 square feet, including an Open MRI, pharmacy, procedure center, EMG’s, physical therapy and chiropractic. With an immense amount of experience, our providers are able to help over 90% of patients avoid the need for possibly risky surgery.

Click on any Condition below for detailed information (which often includes a video explanation), then call (210) 202-4030 for RELIEF today.